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About Skillco

Our Mission

At Skillco, we believe that our team is building a platform that will allow students of higher education to be able to see what skill sets they are developing as they earn their degrees. Higher education teaches much more than the single talent stated on each degree.

What's next?

Skillco is working with businesses throughout the state of Utah to find what skills they want the future workforce to graduate with. With this information, Skillco has started building “Career Maps” to help students see what skills they should develop to be more attractive in their desired industry as they enter the workforce.

Meet the founders

Steve Lockhart

Steve Lockhart - LinkedIn

Born in Provo, Utah, Steve Lockhart has experienced the public education and higher education systems. After graduating High School in 2014 he went on a two-year ecclesiastical service opportunity to the state of Virginia. Upon his return to Utah, he enrolled into Utah Valley University. He graduated with a bachelor's degree in Finance and a double minor in Economics and Business Management. Steve grew up with a family that loved their community. After college graduation he began a career in Government Relations. He continues to build relationships with Utah's local, state and federal elected officials. His primary focus is to build a network of learning opportunities that will reach all corners of the world and help those who can't, access and attain the right education based upon the skill sets that individuals desire.

Jackson Lohman

Jackson Lohman - LinkedIn

Growing up in Phoenix, Arizona, Jackson has always been interested in technology and competitions. Most of his time outside of school was spent between mountain bike racing, scouts and building or taking things apart. This led to an interest in computers where he collected and rebuilt anything he could get. Jackson spent the last 2 years of highschool contracting part-time on computer projects for Utah based companies. Recently, He returned to his birth state in Utah to study Computer Science at Utah Valley University. Jackson was working on his own startup but shelved it when he met Steve and has seen Skillco’s potential to change the world.