Backed by Utah Valley University's Excellence & Innovation Fund

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Discover and Develop Your Skill Set

Display your skill set that is verified through your education and supported by work experience

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Backed by UVU’s Excellence & Innovation Initiative Fund

Skillco has been accepted into UVU’s E2I fund and we are excited for the help they are offering our team. During the 2022 fall semester we will be piloting Skillco with one of the departments at UVU. The E2I fund will help us find a few UVU interns to help further develop the platform. These students will receive school credit and ample experience as we continue to build Skillco. Learn more

A Professional Homepage

Users will be able to build a profile page that is unique to their skill set, education, achievements, and work history

Potential employers will be able to find employees that match the specific skill sets needed for job positions. Skill sets are verified through completed educational experiences.

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The Learn Dashboard

Use the Learn Dashboard to explore skills that will advance your career

Skillco builds a Learn Dashboard for students to use through their University. With partnered Universities, Skillco creates skill progress maps from their course learning outcomes to help students develop the unique skill set they want to take into their careers. These skill progress maps show what courses each student has completed and suggests the next course they should take to further develop each skill.

Planning for Careers

Users can see the requirements for jobs and know what skills would give them the best chances of employment

Skillco is bridging the gap between employers and educational instutions by creating an interactive career board. Students can now explore different jobs and understand different paths they can take as they progress throughout their careers.

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